Human Resources

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Employees are a company’s greatest asset, attract and retain the right talent by transforming into a digital workplace; starting with a digital HR. Conventional business processes involving paper forms are slowing down employees’ productivity and lowering employee morale. Adopt OZ e-Form and transform into a digital organization today!

Increase Productivity in the Workplace
The role of Human Resources lies in managing people and building relationship with employees. However, they are often trapped with tiresome and endless paper forms processing; paper forms ranging from job application to exit interview. Eliminate redundant workload from your Human Resources department, increase productivity by digitizing all paper forms with OZ e-Form.
Complete and Accurate Information
Integrate form validation features into digital forms to ensure all information required are being filled up. Information keyed into digital forms are stored to a central server, easily retrievable by anyone with access rights. Eliminate data loss or inaccurate data from manual transfer of information from paper forms to existing organization database. Kickstart with OZ e-Form today!
Enhance Information Sharing
Sharing information in the workplace may sound simple, however, very often is the most complex issue in an organization. Take for example, a new employee job application form passes through many hands for approval before going back to the Human Resources department for processing. Time and patience are lost during the process. Digitize your paper forms and enhance information sharing among departments with OZ e-Form.
Job Application
Employment Contract
Employee Review
Namkyu Na
Korea Elevator Safety Agency
Associate Director of Information Management

OZ e-Form’s automatic digital form generation & scheduling functions minimize daily administrative work. All our Field Engineers carry out field inspections conveniently with a mobile device. Complicated inspections are simplified with digital form as there is greater input accuracy as compared to paper forms.

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