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Get started on converting all paper forms into electronic forms with OZ e-Form. FORCS e-Form builder is intuitive and user-friendly, anyone without IT skills would be able to create e-Forms with ease. Over 4,000 customers worldwide have transformed digitally with our paperless technologies and benefitted from increased revenue and productivity. We take pride in providing the latest innovative paperless solutions to help our customers achieve their business goals.

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Accelerate Form Filling to Enhance Customer Experience

Shorten Sales Cycle
Don't keep your customers waiting. Get e-Contracts and e-Agreements signed electronically within minutes.
Automate Business Processes
Digitize your paper forms into e-Forms and reduce manual data processing. Store inputs to database automatically.
Go Paperless. Go Green.
Do your part to save the environment by building a paperless office.
Put Your Mind at Ease
Protect your e-Documents from tamper and leak. Our digital forms and reports are highly encrypted.
Make Your Customers Happier
Receive e-Documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Enhance customer experience with OZ solutions.
Reduce Business Costs
Save costs associated with buying, printing, mailing, and storing paper.
OZ Across Industries
Innovative Paperless Solutions for Every Business
Banking Services,
Wealth Management,
Loans & Mortgages
Mobile Subscription, Customer Account Management, Billing System
New Policy Purchase,
New Agent Application,
Claim Submission
Patient Admission,
Surgery Consent,
Claims Processing
e-Procurement, Civil Affairs Operating System
F&B Franchising Contract,
e-Ordering System,
Digital Menu
Safety Inspection Checklist, Process Audit Checklist, Quality Control Audit
Admission Application, Student/Lecturer Portal, Digital Classroom

What Our Clients Say

Our clients from all around the world trust that we deliver innovative Enterprise solutions and superior customer service in helping them to transform into a digital organization. With success across a range of our clients, why not try it out and see for yourself?

Hanwha Life Insurance
Project Manager of "Smart Planner"

The greatest feature of OZ e-Form is its powerful responsive digital form. Financial consultants can modify Insurance application terms immediately, and the modified agreements are sent to our database instantly. Our organization’s efficiency and productivity increased significantly after the implementation of OZ e-Form. It’s truly impressive!

Namkyu Na
Korea Elevator Safety Agency
Associate Director of Information Management

OZ e-Form’s automatic digital form generation & scheduling functions minimize daily administrative work. All our Field Engineers carry out field inspections conveniently with a mobile device. Complicated inspections are simplified with digital form as there is greater input accuracy as compared to paper forms.

Yoon Min Ho
Kyung Hee University Hospital
Assistant Manager of HIS Division

Doctors’ and nurses’ satisfaction level increased remarkably after the adoption of digital forms (developed from OZ e-Form). Patients are also feeling happier during their stay in the hospital. We can obtain consent from patients instantly with the digital signature feature, boosting overall organizational productivity. It’s so much more convenient now as compared to the paper forms used previously.

Park Joo Hyung
Director of CS Division

With OZ e-Form, we have reduced the risk of customer information leakage. Ultimately, saving time and costs in document management.

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